Our Services

DMK Enzyme Treatment

Focusing on your skins health, Enzyme Treatments are ideal for all skin conditions, think of it as hitting the “reset” button on your skin. Working on DMK’s concept of Remove Rebuild Protect Maintain, you’ll receive every step you need to achieve radiant, healthy skin

A complete facial treatment that works to support your skin from the inside out. 

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Signature Facial

We’ll focus on reading your skin to give it exactly what it needs. Including a deep cleanse, professional exfoliation, extractions, a finishing mask, and finishing products all based on your individual skin conditions

Each Signature Facial is just as unique as you. 

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2B Bio Peel

The 2B Bio Peel utilizes chemical & physical exfoliants and antioxidants to not only exfoliate the skins surface, but encourage the skins natural exfoliation process for the ultimate, long lasting rejuvenation. Ideal for all aging concerns, congested, and pigmented skin.

A unique and acid free alternative to chemical peels.

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Nano Infusion

Nano infusion increases collagen and elastin production without damage or down time. Your skin will be instantly vibrant and more specific results will be visible longer term with consistency. Can not be done over active acne

Using the Osmosis Revita Pen, a custom blend of active ingredients is penetrated into your skin directly targeting its conditions. 

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